PBBA Members Section 2019 Season

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Minutes – Regular Members Meeting February 1, 2019

The meeting was called to order by the Vice Commodore, Lou Cristiano at 8pm and began with the Pledge to the Flag. Don Helt then thanked the membership for their well wishes and gift basket following his surgery last month. He then read the minutes from the Board of Directors meeting on January 16th. which included John Leary’s request to change membership status to Honorary Member. The Board granted John’s request. Lou then opened the meeting by calling for a work party to assist Chris Wallace, who is going to begin dock building on Sunday and Monday. RC Charles Kosa then reported that the Bronx Yacht Club that he had reached out to last year for information regarding their dredging recently called him back and are willing to share information regarding their dredging project last year. Their club’s size and dredging situation is very much like ours. He then read the letter he had written to Congressman Rose which was sent out last week seeking his assistance with our dredging situation and damages from hurricane “ Sandy “ and reported that a meeting with the Congressman is scheduled for this month. The Treasurer, Brian White then gave a full financial report for January 2019 and submitted the Budget for 2019.

FC  –  NTR


Small Boat Basin  –  Pat reported that contracts are out and coming back slowly.

Audit Comm.  –  Ron reported that they are still working on it.

Buildings  –  Tony reported that there was a problem with the heat at Sandy’s but they were able to correct it and get the heat back on.  He also updated the membership about our garbage collection situation. He provided a few options we have but so far he has only found one carter willing to provide service, but we would have to supply our own cans and bring them to one spot for pickup. That being said, Lou Cristiano said someone in New Jersey has offer to give us 12 cans for free but that we would have to pick them up.  All agreed that would be a good start.

Pete Woll was honored this evening

New Business  –  Board Members John DiSabatino, Howie Brown and Paul Schwarz terms have been extended to February 2022.

At next month’s regular meeting we will be voting on Corporate Membership for Chris Wallace.

G&W  –  Absent

With no further business, Roll Call was taken with 38 members in attendance. The meeting was then adjourned @ 8:45pm.

Don Helt
Recording Secretary

Minutes – Regular Members Meeting January 4, 2019

The meeting was called to order by Commodore Humphries at 8pm and began with the Pledge to the Flag.  He then talked about the problems with DEC regarding filing and fees for dredging.  He said that he has contacted our insurance company who has an attorney for DEC issues and also CSG Environmental Attorneys to obtain info regarding costs and options for filing and obtaining our dredging permit. He then asked that we budget $20,000. so that we will be ready to move forward with the filing when the time comes. A motion on this request was made and seconded.

VC  –  Lou Cristiano said that he has taken current pictures of the creek that show how bad the conditions are right now.

RC  –  Charles Kosa Jr. then spoke regarding the letter that he wrote to Congressman Rose requesting a meeting with us to discuss the damages from “ Hurricane Sandy “ with the hope of receiving assistance from his office. Charles also discussed ideas on dredging, pilings and or rock jetty along the channel at the mouth of the creek.

Treasurer  –  Absent  –  A full financial report for December 2018 was submitted by Financial Secretary, Chris Biel.

FC  –  NTR

Small Boat Basin  –  Pat O’Conner reported that contracts will be going out next week.

WS  –  NTR

Audit Comm.  –  Ron Jacobs reported that things are moving along.

Buildings  –  Tony D’Esposito reported that he is working on finding a new contractor for garbage collection.  Lou Cristiano reported dumping of garbage on the Westside.

New Business  –  Steve Reiss Jr. was welcomed as our newest member.

Upcoming Board Member Nominees:  Howie Brown, John DiSabatino & Paul Schwarz.

Raritan Center Boat Show. –  February 14th – 17th

Good & Welfare  –  Joe Artale reported everything OK.

With no further business, Roll Call was taken with 44 members in attendance.The meeting was then  adjourned @ 8:40 pm.

Don Helt
Recording Secretary

Minutes – Regular Members Meeting December 7, 2018

The meeting was called to order by Commodore Humphries at 8pm and began with the Pledge to the Flag followed by a moment of silence in memory of those lost in the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Following, he informed the membership that after 365 days DEC has finally addressed the consent order with regard to our violations, naming himself, PBBA and Parks. He has since reached out to our insurance company’s attorney and has also contacted an environmental lawyer for guidance. Next, Charles Kosa informed the membership that he has written a letter to Congressman Rose, congratulating him on his victory and inviting him to a meeting to discuss our situation with regard to dredging and damages from Hurricane Sandy. He will  present the letter to the Board of Directors for review at their next meeting and suggests writing to other officials to explain the roadblocks we are facing in our dredging and rebuilding efforts.

Treasurer  –  submitted a full financial report for November 2018.

Voting : For Corporate Membership  –   Daniel Dilgen, Ed Frazier, Michael White, Charles Kapetanakis, John Shultz and Paul Campione.  All were approved.

For Rear Commodore  – Charles Kosa Jr. and Michael Connors.  Charles was re-elected.

The Commodore then asked the Secretary to cast one vote for each uncontested Officers position. One vote was cast for –  Commodore Edward Humphries, Vice Commodore Louis Cristiano, Treasurer Brian White, Financial Secretary Christopher Biel, Recording Secretary Donald Helt.

FC   –  Everything is moving along.

WS  –  NTR

Audit Comm.  –  NTR

No old business

Don Helt was honored this evening

Good & Welfare  –  NTR

With no further business, Roll Call was taken with 59 members in attendance. The meeting was then adjourned @ 8:50 pm. and followed by the club’s Christmas party.

Don Helt
Recording Secretary


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In 1934 a group of men, including some members of the now-defunct Prince’s Bay Yacht Club, private dock owners, clammers, sport fishermen and commercial fishermen operating out of Lemon Creek came together to form the Prince’s Bay Boatmen’s Association (PBBA). The purpose of the club was to promote seamanship and support both sport and commercial fishing by protecting the surrounding environment and ensuring a navigable waterway.


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