Officers of the Club

Title Name Term Ending (if any)
Commodore Edward F. Humphries  
Vice Commodore Louis Cristiano  
Rear Commodore Charles Kosa Jr.  
Secretary Don Helt Jr  
Treasurer Brian White  
Financial Secretary Christopher Biel Ended 12/31/19
Financial Secretary Steve Reiss  As of 1/1/20
Board Members: Howard Brown Thru 2/22
  Paul Schwarz Thru 2/22
  Frank Coronato Thru 2/23
  James Maresca Thru 2/21 (possibly extended)
  John Di’Sabatino Thru 2/22
  Ronald “Red” Jacobs Thru 2/23
  Mike Connors Thru 2/21 (possibly extended)
Fleet Captain Paul Schwarz  
Dockmaster SBB Patrick O’Connor  
Dockmaster WS James Maresca  
Audit Committee Ronald “Red” Jacobs  
Building Tony D’Esposito  
Dock Building Chris Wallace  
Electric John Hood  
Entertainment Frank Aiello  
Equipment Maintenance Kevin Codd  
Good and Welfare William “Butch” Zeluff  
Piling Committee Frank Coronato  
Plumbers John Carstensen  
Website Thomas Astuto  
Work Boats Louis Cristiano  
Yard Foreman N/A  

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